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Abdul Madhar, S. (author), Mor, A. R. (author), Mraz, Petr (author), Ross, Robert (author)
This paper presents the investigation on surface discharge behavior of various dielectric samples under DC. It sequentially develops the knowledge base for the study and analysis of the partial discharge (PD) defect with the goal of PD defect identification under DC. In order to facilitate this, the material properties of the dielectric are...
journal article 2021
Blufpand, S.Y. (author)
The thesis consists of 7 chapters. The first chapter will explain the background, motivations and the general overview of the thesis. Chapter 2 is a literature review describing the physics behind the creation of PDs. The conditions necessary for the occurrence of PDs are covered in addition to an analysis of the different types of PD in GIS...
master thesis 2014
Kanas, V. (author)
During the last 50 years electricity demand has significantly increased. Large amounts of electricity are transported from the generation to the consumption sites. Overhead lines or underground cables are used to transport the required energy. High voltage levels are used to reduce the transmission losses. Power transformers are responsible for...
master thesis 2013