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Song, Sijie (author)
Suzhou, with a unique urban fabric regarding the water-land relation, has been famous as a ‘water city’ in China for centuries. The intertwining of the canal and street systems creates waterfront spaces, which involve waterways, streets and buildings at the same time, forming the typical image of Suzhou. Additionally, throughout history, Suzhou...
student report 2023
LAI, YI-CHEN (author)
This historic thesis is about the content, value and protection of Suzhou Classical Gardens. The author finds a clue that implies a historical timeline in these three aspects, and provides readers with an opportunity to have a more comprehensive understanding of Suzhou Classical Gardens. And this clue is based on the three different subjects:...
student report 2021
Waterfront Analysis and Design Comparative Report of Beijing, Suzhou and Yinchuan systematically summarizes the research and planning cases. Conventional concepts and strategies concerning urban planning implemented in Beijing, Suzhou and Yinchuan have long been established, and the construction of many areas in these cities have been widely...
book 2021