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Hoogervorst, Chris (author)
This thesis analyses the importance and application of considering multiple coexisting wave trains in sediment transport predictions.<br/><br/>The wave trains at offshore and nearshore locations are analyzed by wave spectral partitions (Portilla at el., 2009). The temporal variability of consistently occurring wave trains can be analyzed through...
master thesis 2022
Wijntjes, M.W.A. (author)
The plastic effect is historically used to denote various forms of stereopsis. The vivid impression of depth often associated with binocular stereopsis can also be achieved in other ways, for example, using a synopter. Accounts of this go back over a hundred years. These ways of viewing all aim to diminish sensorial evidence that the picture...
journal article 2017
Koenderink, J. (author), Wijntjes, M. (author), Van Doorn, A. (author)
The “zograscope” is a “visual aid” (commonly known as “optical machine” in the 18th century) invented in the mid-18th century, and in general use until the early 20th century. It was intended to view single pictures (thus not stereographic pairs) with both eyes. The optics approximately eliminates the physiological cues (binocular disparity,...
journal article 2013