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Coletti, C. (author), Fotaki, Anastasia (author), Tourais, Joao (author), Zhao, Y. (author), van de Steeg-Henzen, Christal (author), Akçakaya, Mehmet (author), Tao, Q. (author), Prieto, Claudia (author), Weingärtner, S.D. (author)
Purpose: The aim of this study is to develop and optimize an adiabatic (Formula presented.) ((Formula presented.)) mapping method for robust quantification of spin-lock (SL) relaxation in the myocardium at 3T. Methods: Adiabatic SL (aSL) preparations were optimized for resilience against (Formula presented.) and (Formula presented.)...
journal article 2023
Yang, C. (author), Zhao, Y. (author), Huang, Lu (author), Xia, Liming (author), Tao, Q. (author)
Quantitative MRI (qMRI) of the heart has become an important clinical tool for examining myocardial tissue properties. Because heart is a moving object, it is usually imaged with electrocardiogram and respiratory gating during acquisition, to “freeze” its motion. In reality, gating is more-often-than-not imperfect given the heart rate...
conference paper 2022
Hermann, I. (author), Golla, Alena K. (author), Martínez-Heras, Eloy (author), Schmidt, Ralf (author), Solana, Elisabeth (author), Llufriu, Sara (author), Gass, Achim (author), Schad, Lothar R. (author), Zöllner, Frank G. (author)
Background: To develop a regression neural network for the reconstruction of lesion probability maps on Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting using echo-planar imaging (MRF-EPI) in addition to T<sub>1</sub>, T2∗, NAWM, and GM- probability maps. Methods: We performed MRF-EPI measurements in 42 patients with multiple sclerosis and 6 healthy...
journal article 2021