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Zad Poor, A.A. (author)
Tailor-Made Blanks (TMBs) are hybrid assemblies made of sheet metals with different materials and/or thicknesses that are joined together prior to forming. Alternatively, a monolithic sheet can be machined to create required thickness variations (machined TMBs). The possibility of having several thicknesses and/or materials in one single...
doctoral thesis 2010
Monaco, A. (author), Sinke, J. (author), Benedictus, R. (author)
For aircraft structures, it is clear that the design and the selection of materials play an important role in the performance of the aircraft. The production costs are also important. The concept of tailor-made blanks (TMBs) is based on the use of dedicated blanks, made of different alloys and/or thickness in order to satisfy different demands...
journal article 2008