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Dhiman, Ashish Kumar (author)
Networks are all around us, telecommunication networks, road transportation networks, and the Internet are a few examples of networks that we encounter every day. The entities in a network are represented by nodes and the interconnections between them are represented by links. For example, in a telecommunication network, a node could be an end...
master thesis 2020
Cetinay-Iyicil, H. (author)
Electric power has become an essential part of daily life: we plug our electronic devices in, switch our lights on, and expect to have power. As the availability of power is usually taken for granted in modern societies, we mostly feel annoyed at its absence and perceive the importance of power during outages which have severe effects on the...
doctoral thesis 2018
Cetinay-Iyicil, H. (author), Devriendt, K.L.T. (author), Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (author)
Due to the open data policies, nowadays, some countries have their power grid data available online. This may bring a new concern to the power grid operators in terms of malicious threats. In this paper, we assess the vulnerability of power grids to targeted attacks based on network science. By employing two graph models for power grids as...
journal article 2018