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Tjepkema, Kars (author)
Introduction: Speech perception in acoustically challenging environments remains challenging for children with cochlear implants. When considering the implementation of an automatic classifier system in the classroom, it becomes crucial to assess the potential advantages against possible drawbacks.<br/>Consequently, the central question centers...
master thesis 2024
Pols, Jiska (author)
Background and aim: The exact pathophysiology of a COVID-19 infection is still not completely understood, which complicates treatment of the disease. In order to clarify the pathophysiologic mechanisms and optimize treatment methods, monitoring of the sublingual microcirculation may be valuable. From studies in septic patients, we know that...
master thesis 2022
Ligtenberg, Max (author)
A low blood pressure (hypotension, as mean arterial pressure &lt; 65 mmHg) in patients on the intensive care unit (ICU) is associated with adverse outcomes and death. Proactive treatment with the use of a predictive alarm could improve patient outcome. The Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) is a machinelearning algorithm that uses arterial blood...
master thesis 2021