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El Bamby, Hagar (author)
Higher strength steels (HSS) hollow sections with steel grades from S460 up to and including S700 are becoming increasingly competitive in long span structures. Reduction of self weight is accomplished with the smaller wall thickness of the hollow section, leading to fabrication, transport and execution benefits. The use of HSS has a positive...
master thesis 2021
Yang, F. (author), Veljkovic, M. (author), Liu, Yuqing (author)
Numerical analyses incorporating appropriate damage models provide an opportunity to predict the strength and deformation capacity of steel structures. This paper presents a practical calibration for the ductile damage model of S355 and high-strength steel S690Q, S700MC, S960Q based on tensile coupon test results. A combined linear and power...
journal article 2020
Tran, Anh Tuan (author), Bernspång, Lars (author), Veljkovic, M. (author), Rebelo, Carlos (author), da Silva, Luís Simões (author)
This paper describes a study of the S650 high strength steel material properties including the effect of cold-formed angle. Coupon specimens with different cold-formed angles (90°, 100°, 120°, 140°, 160°and 180°) and different thicknesses (4 mm and 6 mm) were examined. Relationships between cold-formed angle and yield stress as well as...
journal article 2019