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Mohamed, Ahmed (author), Abdelrady, Ahmed (author), Alarifi, Saad S. (author), Othman, Abdullah (author)
Because of climate change and human activity, North and Central Africa are experiencing a significant water shortage. Recent advancements in earth observation technologies have made widespread groundwater monitoring possible. To examine spatial and temporal mass fluctuations caused by groundwater variations in Chad, gravity solutions from the...
journal article 2023
Lucassen, Obbe (author)
Accurate estimates of terrestrial water storage variations (TWSV) are critical for a variety of applications, e.g., model calibration and climate studies. This study aims to find the added value of river run-off data for regularizing GRACE mascon solution, from which TWSV can be estimated. Most subbasins of the Mississippi Basin show an...
master thesis 2021
Widiastuti, E. (author)
Terrestrial water storage (TWS) can be defined as the storage of water on and below the land surface, and includes snow, ice, surface water, soil moisture, and ground water. TWS is a key component of the terrestrial and global hydrological cycles, which have important control over the water, energy and biogeochemical fluxes, and plays a major...
master thesis 2009