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van den Engel, P.J.W. (author), Malin, Michael (author), Venkatesh, Nikhilesh Kodur (author), de Araujo Passos, L.A. (author)
This research evaluates the performance of a Phase Change Material (PCM) battery integrated into the climate system of a new transparent meeting center. The main research questions are: a. “Can the performance of the battery be calculated?” and b. “Can the battery reduce the heating and cooling energy demand in a significant way?” The first...
journal article 2023
Goorden, J.J.H. (author)
master thesis 2016
Freitas, G.C.S. (author), Peixoto, F.C. (author), Vianna, A.S. (author)
Thermal batteries are primary disposable systems specially designed to develop a high energy density in during a short period. Differently from the classical electrochemical systems, the electrolyte of such batteries is solid at room temperature, which make them inert until they are heated to high temperatures (around 500ºC), when the...
conference paper 2006