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Sattari, R. (author), Hu, D. (author), Liu, X. (author), van Zeijl, H.W. (author), Vollebregt, S. (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
The rapid development of power electronics has challenged the thermal integrity of semiconductor packaging. Further developments in this domain can be supported significantly by utilizing fast and flexible thermal characteristic evaluation. This study employs the transient dual interface method (TDIM) to characterize and compare the thermal...
journal article 2023
Martin, H.A. (author), Sattari, R. (author), Smits, E.C.P. (author), van Zeijl, H.W. (author), van Driel, W.D. (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
With an increasing demand for high-power electronics, the need to meet stringent automotive norms and better understand the critical failure mechanisms are crucial in order to improve their reliablity. To that end, we developed an in-situ reliability monitoring setup capable of actively measuring the thermal performance of the package during...
conference paper 2022
Sattari, R. (author), van Zeijl, H.W. (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
This paper focuses on the design and fabrication of a new programmable thermal test chip as a flexible and cost-effective solution for simplification of characterization/prototyping of new packages. The cell-based design format makes the chip fit into any modular array configuration. One unit cell is as small as 4x4 mm2, including 6 individually...
conference paper 2021