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van der Hout, Thomas (author)
Power electronic systems are reaching higher efficiencies as their technology advances, which often results in components of smaller size with higher power densities. Cooling these components becomes increasingly challenging as high power densities require cooling with large heat fluxes. Topology optimization (TO) of thermo-fluids can be used to...
master thesis 2021
Wubbe, T. (author)
This thesis addresses the capabilities and challenges of automated design approaches, specifically for ap-plication in which a combination of heat transfer and flow is needed. The objective is to use automateddesign approaches from literature and to identify the bottlenecks.For this purpose, an industrial thermal-fluid airshower is designed,...
master thesis 2020
Hoogerbrugge, Ary-Jan (author)
In modern ASML machines optical components play an important role in the lithography process. EUV light is transported from the source to wafer by reflective optics. These mirrors are subjected to large thermal loading, as a large portion of the reflected light is absorbed in the mirror structure. The portion of the absorbed light is strongly...
master thesis 2019