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Zhu, Chunyan (author), Zhang, Yuning (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), Xie, Weiming (author), Guo, Leicheng (author), Wang, Xianye (author), He, Qing (author)
The sediment load in the Yangtze River downstream of the Three Gorges Dam (TGD) has substantially declined in recent decades. The decrease is more profound below the TGD, e.g., a 97% decrease at Yichang, compared with that at the delta apex, 1200 km downstream, e.g., a 75% decrease, implying along-river sediment recovery. Two large river...
journal article 2023
Guo, Leicheng (author), Su, Ni (author), Zhu, C. (author), He, Qing (author)
Streamflow and sediment loads undergo remarkable changes in worldwide rivers in response to climatic changes and human interferences. Understanding their variability and the causes is of vital importance regarding river management. With respect to the Changjiang River (CJR), one of the largest river systems on earth, we provide a...
journal article 2018
Zhao, G. (author), Lu, J (author), Visser, P.J. (author)
The fluvial river is a kind of open system that can interact with its outside environments and give response to disturbance from outside on the earth. It can adjust itself to the disturbances outside the system and reflects new characteristics in the process of reaching a new equilibrium. The TGD (Three Gorges Dam) constructed at the Yangtze...
journal article 2015