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Folkerts, H.H. (author), Jorna, P.G.A.M. (author)
Two different design-philosophies with respect to the Man-Machine Interface of current auto thrust systems were compared in a flight simulator study. With the so-called moving thrust lever concept, the positions of the thrust levers are servo-controlled by the auto thrust system. Hence, the thrust levers provide the pilot with additional...
report 1994
de Boer, W.P. (author), Huynh, H.T. (author), Nicholas, O.P. (author), Schafranek, D. (author), van Engelen, J.A.J. (author)
This report contains a summary of the main conclusions and recommendations from extensive work performed by the Flight Mechanics Action Group on Handling Qualities (FM/AGOl) of the Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe (GARTEUR). The work of this Action Group, which involved cooperation between research institutes of France ...
report 1990
Hofman, C.F.G.M. (author)
Aircraft noise perceived on the ground can be reduced by decelerating the aircraft during the landing approach. As an additional benefit the lower thrust settings existing during a part of the approach and the shorter approach time result in a reduced fuel consumption as compared to a conventional approach. This report deals with an experiment...
report 1976