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Badri, M.A. (author), Wilders, P. (author), Azimian, A.R. (author)
Hydrodynamic simulations of tidal currents in the Persian Gulf are presented. Water surface level and velocity have been determined by a Kelvin wave expansion as a new hydrodynamic calibration tool for estimating the dynamical field and flow patterns. In the procedure, leading to the Kelvin wave expansion, data of tidal constituents from co...
report 2010
Bijlsma, A.C. (author)
report 1988
Morra, R.H.J. (author)
Analyse van meetgegevens in de Musi (Sumatera, Indonesia) en de bepaling van de getijconstanten voor deze rivier; onderzoek ten behoeve van de scheepvaart naar Palembang op verzoek van de B.P.M.
report 1961