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Mirra, M. (author), Ravenshorst, G.J.P. (author), de Vries, P.A. (author), Messali, F. (author)
In the province of Groningen (NL), where human-induced earthquakes take place due to gas extraction, a large part of the building stock is composed of brick masonry walls and timber diaphragms. In this framework, timber-masonry connections play a crucial role in the global seismic response of the buildings, but their properties and structural...
journal article 2022
Mirra, M. (author), Ravenshorst, G.J.P. (author), van de Kuilen, J.W.G. (author)
Historical or existing buildings are often composed of brick or stone masonry walls, and timber floors and roofs. When these buildings are subjected to earthquakes, the interaction among such structural components is essential to avoid collapse or excessive damage to the constructions. In this framework, a crucial role is played by the...
conference paper 2021