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Altena, A. (author), Luesutthiviboon, S. (author), de Croon, G.C.H.E. (author), Snellen, M. (author), Voskuijl, M. (author)
Due to technological advances in the drone industry, security threats induced by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more relevant. Fast and accurate localisation systems need to be designed. One approach is localisation of UAVs by their sound using acoustic techniques. So far, a systematic performance assessment of acoustic...
conference paper 2023
Nachtergaele, Tim (author)
Satellite tracking is used to predict a satellite’s orbit to communicate and perform other key functions. It is commonly performed using large ground-based radars with an accuracy of 1 to 10 km or specialized onboard satellite systems. Ground optical systems are a proliferating technology for satellite tracking, identification, and...
master thesis 2022
Zhang, Bingbing (author), Hu, Y. (author), Wang, Hongying (author), Zhuang, Zhaowen (author)
Underwater source localization problems are complicated and challenging: a) the sound propagation speed is often unknown and the unpredictable ocean current might lead to the uncertainties of sensor parameters (i.e. position and velocity); b) the underwater acoustic signal travels much slower than the radio one in terrestrial environments,...
journal article 2018