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Yesevi, Gevher (author), Keskin, M.O. (author), Doğru, Anıl (author), Aydoğan, Reyhan (author)
In agent-based negotiations, it is crucial to understand the opponent’s behavior and predict its bidding pattern to act strategically. Foreseeing the utility of the opponent’s coming offer provides valuable insight to the agent so that it can decide its next move wisely. Accordingly, this paper addresses predicting the opponent’s coming...
conference paper 2023
Guo, Xuqi (author), Pang, Y. (author), Yan, Gaowei (author), Qiao, Tiezhu (author)
Multi-layer Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) has caught widespread attention as a new method for time series forecasting due to the ability of approximating any nonlinear function. In this paper, a new local time series prediction model is established with the nearest neighbor domain theory, in which the hybrid Euclidean distance is used as...
conference paper 2017