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Korpel, Dennis (author)
The human visual system perceives 3D depth by observing how much points shift between the left eye and right eye. Toon-shaded renders of 3D models often have untextured surfaces with discretized shading, and these flat featureless areas give the eyes few reference points to perceive 3D depth. The primary depth cues come from contour lines and...
master thesis 2022
van der Reek, Menno (author)
With the arrival of smart electricity meters energy consumption can be monitored continuously and displayed on external devices such as phones or tablets. As a consequence, users become more aware of their energy usage which may result in a reduction in energy consumption. Nevertheless, many countries in Europe still use an analog electricity...
master thesis 2017
Keemink, H. (author)
With the advent of smart thermostats like Toon®, detailed information about operation and usage of central heating boilers has become easily available. However, this information is not used in a systematic way by most companies including Eneco, and the wealth of information within is not available to the users. This has a few drawbacks. For...
master thesis 2016