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Liu, Shangru (author)
In this 3D fracture-based topology optimization framework, the author extended the 2D framework on tailoring fracture resistance for brittle materials (Zhang et al., 2022) to 3D. In the optimization, the topology is described by radial basis functions interpolated level set function, and the problem is solved by the Interface-enriched...
master thesis 2022
Zhang, J. (author)
Cracks, which could nucleate and propagate in engineering structures, could have an adverse effect on mechanical performance and even lead to catastrophic failure. Thus, it is critical to investigate structural behavior under fracture, which requires an appropriate modeling methodology for fracture analysis. Furthermore, designing structures...
doctoral thesis 2022
Zhang, J. (author), van Keulen, A. (author), Aragon, A.M. (author)
We propose a fully immersed topology optimization procedure to design structures with tailored fracture resistance under linear elastic fracture mechanics assumptions for brittle materials. We use a level set function discretized by radial basis functions to represent the topology and the Interface-enriched Generalized Finite Element Method ...
journal article 2022