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Fan, D. (author), Cnossen, J.P. (author), Hung, S. (author), Kromm, D. (author), Dekker, N.H. (author), Verbiest, G.J. (author), Smith, C.S. (author)
To better understand the interactions between biological molecules, a high optical resolution in all three dimensions is crucial. The intrinsically lower axial resolution of microscopes however, is a limiting factor in fluorescence imaging, correspondingly in fluorescence based single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM). Here, we present...
journal article 2023
Poelma, C. (author), Franken, M.J.Z. (author), Kim, H. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
Contact lines are the locations where a gas, liquid and a solid meet. From everyday experience we know that such contact lines can be mobile, for example in the case of a water droplet sliding over a glass surface. However, the continuum description of the flow towards or away from a contact line implies that the forces diverge as one approaches...
conference paper 2014
Franken, M.J.Z. (author)
Despite the fact that moving droplets are very common, a moving contact line is a longstanding fundamental challenge in the field of fluid mechanics. This fundamental challenge is the main topic of this thesis in the context of ASML immersion lithography equipment. In Chapter 2 an overview of existing theoretical and experimental work is given,...
doctoral thesis 2014