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Wang, Z. (author), Quaglietta, E. (author), Bartholomeus, Maarten (author), Cunillera, A. (author), Goverde, R.M.P. (author)
Automatic Train Operation (ATO) is a technology to support or automate train driving for increasing service punctuality, energy efficiency and rail infrastructure capacity. Conflict-free train path planning is crucial to the effective deployment of ATO, which allows ATO-equipped trains to operate according to schedule with different train...
abstract 2023
Scheepmaker, G.M. (author), Willeboordse, Helen Y. (author), Hoogenraad, Jan H. (author), Luijt, Ralph S. (author), Goverde, R.M.P. (author)
The driving strategy of train drivers has a large impact on the energy consumption. In recent studies the focus was on calculating the optimal eco-driving strategy, and measuring the exact amount of energy used during train runs. However, energy consumption is not the only key performance indicator that affects the operational performance of...
journal article 2020