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van Voorst tot Voorst, B.A.M. (author)
This research aims to understand the influencing attributes of passengers and station layout elements on transfer walking times for metro transfers. Little research has been performed to include passenger-related attributes to model transfer walking time besides station layout elements. Through a literature review, the effect of gender, luggage...
master thesis 2023
Carbonell Varea, Marc (author)
The proposed method in this study pretends to improve the mission analysis procedure by generating a tool that allows to rapidly compute the main parameters and characteristics of a SEP transfer towards an arbitrary PHO, avoiding the application of complex numerical methods in the preliminary phases of the mission design process to improve its...
master thesis 2021
Ramirez Torralba, Olga (author)
Recognising the threat of near-Earth objects (NEOs), many ground-based surveys have been deployed worldwide. However, ~20% of these potential impactors are estimated to be approaching us from the day-side, and are thus very difficult to detect using ground surveys. Over the last decade, several space-based capabilities have emerged in an effort...
master thesis 2020