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Nedumaran, Muthamil Selvan (author), Gnanasekaran, Nagarajan (author), Hooman, K. (author)
The present study compares a modified variable height fin heat sink with the conventional constant height fin heat sink. The two heat sinks are filled with an equal volume of PCM (n-eicosane) and a fin volume fraction of 8 %. The experiments are performed for constant loads and also different power surge conditions. The pulsed heat loads are...
journal article 2023
Crooijmans, Bastiaan (author)
Climate agreement goals set by the Dutch government increase the urge to reduce our greenhouse gases. To fulfil these goals on a residential level a reduction of the emission of carbon which is produced during household demand and transportation (commute) is required. On a residential level, the amount of photovoltaic systems (PV) and electric...
master thesis 2022