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Duc, Trung Tin Bui (author), Jovanova, J. (author)
This research explores the possibility of upscaling bio-inspired designed soft robots in transport engineering application with the focus on grabbing and manipulating break bulk such as windmill blades or rolls of steel. Upscaling current state soft robotic systems includes challenges regarding the structural strength of the robot. Also...
conference paper 2021
Verhoeven, M.D. (author), Bracher, J.M. (author), Nijland, Jeroen G. (author), Bouwknegt, J. (author), Daran, J.G. (author), Driessen, Arnold J.M. (author)
Cas9-assisted genome editing was used to construct an engineered glucose-phosphorylation-negative S. cerevisiae strain, expressing the Lactobacillus plantaruml-arabinose pathway and the Penicillium chrysogenum transporter PcAraT. This strain, which showed a growth rate of 0.26 h−1 on l-arabinose in aerobic batch cultures, was subsequently...
journal article 2018