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Cats, O. (author), Derrible, Sybil (author), Chow, Y.J. (author)
This Editorial Note accompanies the special issue devoted to the development of new concepts, theories and methods that address reliability and resilience related to the planning, dynamic operation, and level of service of novel mobility systems. This special issue on ‘Reliability and Resilience of Emerging Mobility Systems’ consists of seven...
journal article 2023
De Boer, C.W. (author)
Conventional travel time reliability assessment focuses either on reliability on route level or the determination of the valuation of reliability in route choice. However, a connection between origin and destination usually consists of multiple routes, thereby providing the option to choose. This study assesses the reliability and quality of the...
master thesis 2014
Wesseling, B. (author)
Reliability of travel times is an important indicator of the performance of a traffic system. The congestion caused by incidents is an important cause of the unreliability of travel times. Travel time reliability should be incorporated in social cost benefit analyses for infrastructure investments. With an accurate forecast of travel time...
master thesis 2013