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Cascioli, E. (author)
The current need to ensure an effective and prompt transition of the energy sector towards zero-carbon has renewed the interest for nuclear technology. Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) seem particularly interesting for their reduced capital cost, operational flexibility and enhanced safety and security. Different SMR concepts are being developed...
doctoral thesis 2024
Peeters, J.W.R. (author), Sandham, N. D. (author)
It is well known that rough surfaces affect turbulent flows significantly. How such surfaces affect turbulent heat transfer is less well understood. To gain more insight, we have performed a series of direct numerical simulations of turbulent heat transfer in a channel flow with grit-blasted surfaces. An immersed boundary method is used to...
journal article 2019
Trias, F.X. (author), Soria, M. (author), Oliva, A. (author), Verstappen, R.W.C.P. (author)
Since direct numerical simulations (DNS) of natural convection in a differentially heated cavity can not be performed at high Ra-numbers, a dynamically less complex mathematical formulation is sought. In the quest for such a formulation, we consider regularizations (smooth approximations) of the nonlinearity. The regularization method basically...
conference paper 2006