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Giarrusso, P.G. (author), Stefanesco, Leo (author), Timany, Amin (author), Birkedal, Lars (author), Krebbers, R.J. (author)
The metatheory of Scala's core type system - the Dependent Object Types (DOT) calculus - is hard to extend, like the metatheory of other type systems combining subtyping and dependent types. Soundness of important Scala features therefore remains an open problem in theory and in practice. To address some of these problems, we use a semantics...
journal article 2020
Poulsen, C.B. (author), Neron, P.J.M. (author), Tolmach, Andrew (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Semantic specifications do not make a systematic connection between the names and scopes in the static structure of a program and memory layout, and access during its execution. In this paper we introduce a systematic approach to the alignment of names in static semantics and memory in dynamic semantics, building on the scope graph framework...
conference paper 2016
Lorenzen, Florian (author), Erdweg, S.T. (author)
Syntactic language extensions can introduce new facilities into a programming language while requiring little implementation effort and modest changes to the compiler. It is typical to desugar language extensions in a distinguished compiler phase after parsing or type checking, not affecting any of the later compiler phases. If desugaring...
journal article 2016