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Valstar, Damian (author), Lock, Timber (author)
bachelor thesis 2022
Irazusta Gorostidi, Lukas (author)
Access to electricity is a key actuator in order to tackle poverty in areas of limited resources. While the population without access to electricity has a decreasing tendency, still almost 1 billion people continue to live without this basic amenity. This thesis has been carried out at the company DC Opportunities as part of the rural...
master thesis 2019
Karatzaferis, Nikitas Karatzaferis (author)
Focusing on real life commercial applications, this thesis presents the theoretical and practical control requirements of an application board, which exploits flexible bidirectional DC-DC converters, to power up a unit of multi USB type-C ports. Emphasis is given in the power management between the connected devices since the power flow is...
master thesis 2017