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Syed Mohamed, Abdul (author)
This thesis explores the dealiasing methods of the Doppler spectrum for the case of a fast-scanning weather radar with the possibility of being used in the development of future weather radars. From the literature, log-periodic sampling which is a type of non-uniform sampling is adapted for Doppler dealiasing. The sampling parameters of log...
master thesis 2023
Plazar, Quentin (author), Acher, Mathieu (author), Perrouin, Gilles (author), Devroey, Xavier (author), Cordy, Maxime (author)
Uniform or near-uniform generation of solutions for large satisfiability formulas is a problem of theoretical and practical interest for the testing community. Recent works proposed two algorithms (namely UniGen and QuickSampler) for reaching a good compromise between execution time and uniformity guarantees, with empirical evidence on SAT...
conference paper 2019
Bruinsma, W.P. (author), Hes, R.P. (author), Kroep, H.J.C. (author), Leliveld, T.C. (author), Melching, W.M. (author), Aan de Wiel, T.A. (author)
This document describes the design process of a software toolkit to perform high-performance wideband spectrum sensing. A prominent application of this is Cognitive Radio, a technique that aims to make more efficient use of the available radio spectrum. An extensive theoretical analysis will be performed. Various non-uniform sampling techniques...
bachelor thesis 2015