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Krol, A.M. (author), Sarkar, A. (author), Ashraf, I. (author), Al-Ars, Z. (author), Bertels, K.L.M. (author)
Unitary decomposition is a widely used method to map quantum algorithms to an arbitrary set of quantum gates. Efficient implementation of this decomposition allows for the translation of bigger unitary gates into elementary quantum operations, which is key to executing these algorithms on existing quantum computers. The decomposition can be used...
journal article 2022
Cappanera, Enrico (author)
This research investigates the possibility of solving one dimensional Poisson's equation on quantum computers using the Variational Quantum Linear Solver (VQLS) as a simplified test case for fluid dynamics applications. In this work, Poisson's equation is discretized with the finite element method and the resulting matrix is decomposed as a...
master thesis 2021
Krol, Anneriet (author)
Unitary Decomposition is an algorithm for translating a unitary matrix into many small unitary matrices, which correspond to a circuit that can be executed on a quantum computer. It is implemented in the quantum programming framework of the QCA-group at TU Delft: OpenQL, a library for Python and C++. Unitary Decomposition is a necessary part in...
master thesis 2019