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Van Tongeren, S.A.E. (author)
A conceptual framework is made to analyze evolving processes in socio-technical systems. Agent-based modeling is used to test the conceptual framework.
master thesis 2014
Van der Veen, R.A.C. (author)
This report presents the case study of the rapid diffusion of combined heat and power (CHP) units in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture in the period 2003-2009. The aim of the case study is to find explanations for this particular transition, and to generalize on the nature of technology diffusion processes. The study is carried out by means of a...
report 2012
Mulder, T.A.C. (author)
This thesis is concerned with the notion of Darwinism and its application outside of its traditional biological realm, to that of economics. The mechanism of natural selection is based on the co-­? existence of variational, hereditary and selective processes within a system (Cordes 2006). This context-­?independent description of natural...
master thesis 2012