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van Stappen, Jeroen (author)
At large oceans depths (5000m) manganese nodules are formed, these are rock shaped objects that contain various rare earth metals, Royal IHC is currently developing equipment to bring these nodules to the shore. The nodules will be transported to the water surface using a Vertical Transport System (VTS).<br/><br/>In the VTS insight of the...
master thesis 2018
Rajagopal, Sricharan (author)
<br/>In recent years the Tapping Mode-Atomic Force Microscope (TM-AFM) has become one of the most important tools for imaging on the nanometer scale. In comparison with other contemporary technologies, the AFMs have been able to obtain atomic resolution both in high vacuum and liquid environments thus affirming their supremacy. The AFM can be...
master thesis 2017
Lu, P. (author), van Kampen, E. (author), de Visser, C.C. (author), Chu, Q. P. (author)
The design of unknown-input decoupled observers and lters requires the assumption of an existence condition in the literature.This paper addresses an unknown input ltering problem where the existence condition is not satised. Instead of designing a traditional unknown input decoupled lter, a Double-Model Adaptive Estimation approach is extended...
journal article 2016