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Sundar Navamany, Clifford Godwin (author)
Urban sanitation in developing countries requires systems thinking as there is a plethora different variables which can impact the delivery of adequate sanitation for the people. In the traditional sense, sanitation planning in urban cities focuses on keeping people away from human-waste related pathogens. As cities in India and several...
master thesis 2020
Rietveld, L.C. (author), Siri, J.G. (author), Chakravarty, I. (author), Arsenio, A.M. (author), Biswas, R. (author), Chatterjee, A. (author)
Background: As human populations become more and more urban, decision-makers at all levels face new challenges related to both the scale of service provision and the increasing complexity of cities and the networks that connect them. These challenges may take on unique aspects in cities with different cultures, political and institutional...
conference paper 2016
Letema, S. (author), Van Vliet, B. (author), Van Lier, J.B. (author)
Satellite sewage collection and treatment systems have been independently developed and managed in East African cities outside the centrally planned and sewered areas. A satellite approach is a promising provisioning option parallel to public sewerage for middle- and high-income residential areas, endowed institutions, and government facilities....
journal article 2011