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de Lange, Robbert (author)
Urban climate adaptation is generally attained --- in a hydrological perspective -- by implementing stormwater management techniques, such as grey, blue and green adaptation measures. Implementing such multi-functional adaptation measures touches on the interests of many stakeholders who need to work together to find resilient and suiting...
master thesis 2021
Hsu, Shu-Chen (author)
With urbanization and climate change, the reliable water supply by centralized system is facing challenges. Research on the (re)use of the outflow from an urban area as an alternative water resource is increasing in recent years. This research requires spatial and temporal information on the status of components of urban water cycle. Several...
master thesis 2020
ZHANG, Wenxing (author)
The undertaken thesis work conducts a research study based on the study area — Laakhaven, The Hague, to develop an implementation example of the Adaptation Pathway approach, in order to support long-term adaptive stormwater management planning on urban adaptation measures to mitigate pluvial flooding under the climatic and socio-economic...
master thesis 2019