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Lieftink, Lisa (author)
Due to population growth, a growing housing shortage, and a space shortage, it is expected that new urban developments in the Netherlands will mainly take place inside existing city boundaries and in high densities. At the same time, it is projected that the effects of climate change will increase, as climate change is expected to intensify....
master thesis 2021
Loen, S.S. (author)
Cities worldwide currently face freshwater shortages. Forecasts predict that demand will outstrip naturally renewable and available water supplies by 40% by 2030. This poses a serious threat to livability in cities and urban areas that are already struggling with water-related issues like floods and land subsidence. Water insecurity, in...
book chapter 2020
Dartee, Kieran (author)
One of the pillars of Dutch municipal decision-making is to stimulate citizen participation in agenda- setting and decision-making (VNG, 2018). Involving citizens in the allocation of the public budget for addressing specific challenges is a novel approach to participatory decision-making. This thesis examines the applicability of the...
master thesis 2018