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Shetgaonkar, A.D. (author), Liu, L. (author), Lekic, A. (author), Popov, M. (author), Palensky, P. (author)
Meshed offshore grids (MOGs) present a viable option for a reliable bulk power transmission topology. The station-level control of MOGs requires faster dynamics along with multiple objective functions, which is realized by the model predictive control (MPC). This paper provides control, and protection design for the Modular Multilevel...
journal article 2023
Shetgaonkar, Ajay (author)
Multiterminal dc (MTDC) network is preferred due to its reliability, security of supply and flexibility. However, MTDC network also comes with the protection challenges resulting from dc faults. Hence, the dc circuit breaker (DC CB) is imperative in such a network. In these recent years, several DC CB technologies have been proposed and...
master thesis 2020