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Kempeneers, Aniek (author)
Digital platforms harvest end-users’ data for providing personalised recommended content. However, this data is also used to predict individual end-users’ behaviours and hook them to the content, eventually influencing their worldviews. This raises ethical debates related to the development of serious societal issues, such as fake-news diffusion...
master thesis 2022
Mehrotra, S. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author), Tielman, M.L. (author)
As AI systems are increasingly involved in decision making, it also becomes important that they elicit appropriate levels of trust from their users. To achieve this, it is first important to understand which factors influence trust in AI. We identify that a research gap exists regarding the role of personal values in trust in AI. Therefore, this...
conference paper 2021
Mehrotra, S. (author)
Trust is an important element of any interaction, but especially when we are interacting with a piece of technology which does not think like we do. Therefore, AI systems need to understand how humans trust them, and what to do to promote appropriate trust. The aim of this research is to study trust through both a formal and social lens. We will...
abstract 2021