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van der Pol, Coen (author)
Decentralised solar electricity generation on a large scale is a relatively new phenomenon. In the State of New York, the adoption of this form of renewable electricity generation has seen a surge over the last decade. However, policies that have been implemented over the last year, prompted experts to question the future of the market. The...
master thesis 2023
Conradie, Peter (author), Van Hove, Stephanie (author), Pelka, S. (author), Karaliopoulos, Merkouris (author), Anagnostopoulos, Filippos (author), Brugger, Heike (author), Ponnet, Koen (author)
Reducing heating-related energy consumption is vital in Europe, where it accounts for a significant portion of domestic energy usage. We studied the factors that influence reduced heating-related consumption by using three theoretical frameworks: the Theory of Planned Behaviour, the Value Belief Norm theory, and the Prototype Willingness Model....
journal article 2023
Kerssens, Sabine (author)
In the Netherlands 2 million tons organic bio-waste is not fully sorted and ends up burned or landfilled. This process is unnecessarily harming the health of people, animals and our planet every year. With our waste quantities only increasing, this is an important topic on the European agenda.<br/><br/>The creation of user-driven, self...
master thesis 2019