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Cawthorne, C.D. (author), Robbins-van Wynsberghe, A.L. (author)
The use of drones in public healthcare is suggested as a means to improve efficiency under constrained resources and personnel. This paper begins by framing drones in healthcare as a social experiment where ethical guidelines are needed to protect those impacted while fully realizing the benefits the technology offers. Then we propose an...
journal article 2020
Adam Darmawan, Adam (author)
The rapid development of renewable technologies has opened the opportunity for households to produce their own energy, and to either self-consume or sell it. In the Netherlands, it is projected that not less than 7 GW of solar PV capacity will be installed in 2020. Therefore, the Netherlands is expected to experience abundant energy supply from...
master thesis 2019
Mouter, N. (author), de Geest, Auke (author), Doorn, N. (author)
Many energy cases suffer from social opposition. It is increasingly asserted that paying due attention to the moral values involved in controversial energy cases may increase social acceptance. Value-sensitive design (VSD) has been recommended as a promising approach for addressing moral values in controversial energy cases. This paper aims...
journal article 2018