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Sengupta, U. (author), Nemati, H. (author), Boersma, B.J. (author), Pecnik, R. (author)
This work investigates fully developed turbulent flows of carbon-dioxide close to its vapour-liquid critical point in a channel with a hot and a cold wall. Two direct numerical simulations are performed at low Mach numbers, with the trans-critical transition near the channel centre and the cold wall, respectively. An additional simulation...
journal article 2017
Kranenburg, C. (author)
In quiescent water bodies that form part of estuarine or coastal water systems, such as harbours and access channels, fine sediments may deposit to form concentrated benthic suspensions (CBS). The flow velocities in these mud layers may become low, and the viscosities may become large, so that the Reynolds number decreases below a critical value...
report 1999