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Gong, X. (author)
Conducted EMI in Inverters with SiC Transistors Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is the main side effect accompanied with the fast voltage and current switching transients in power electronics applications. Compliance of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard is prescribed for any power electronics product before entering the market....
doctoral thesis 2013
Verhulst, M.P.A. (author)
Variable speed drives can cause components of any frequency known as interharmonics. Large variable speed drives in the order of tens of megawatts can replace Gas Turbines in driving cooling compressors in a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant. The drives used in this application are among the largest drives that are built today. As a consequence the...
master thesis 2011
Zhao, D. (author), Ferreira, J.A. (author), Roc'h, A. (author), Leferink, F. (author)
Filters used in electromagnetic interference suppression are often described in literature on drive systems and have become a standard solution in industry. The effect of the commercial off-the-shelf filter depends significantly on how it is installed. A model that includes the installation parameters is made first and then the parameters of the...
journal article 2009