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Heijman, Jim (author)
Floods, long periods of drought, wildfires, and natural disasters are becoming more frequent, in more extreme proportions. Our current food system is a major contributor to this. In particular, the livestock industry. This is due to the amount of land and water that the livestock sector uses, and the emission of greenhouse gasses. In order to...
master thesis 2022
Westerveld, W.F. (author)
With the increasing evidence of the effects of our food choices on the planet it is obvious that we have to make changes in order to live sustainably. Our food production systems are responsible for 26% of the total human induced global greenhouse gas emissions, with the meat and dairy industry being responsible for over half of that. Our planet...
master thesis 2021
Roorda, H. (author)
The goal of the new brand ‘Vleesch noch Visch’ is to reduce meat and fish consumption in the Netherlands. Reasons for this are the high consumption of meat, the unhealthy influences of meat on the consumer’s personal health, and the high environmental impact of the bio industry. The target group for this new brand are those who want to eat more...
master thesis 2012