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Meng, Xin (author), Zhou, Y. (author), Sun, Zhilin (author), Ding, Kaixuan (author), Chong, Lin (author)
Flow resistance, velocity distribution, and turbulence intensity are significantly influenced by aquatic vegetations (AV) in riparian zones. Understanding the hydraulics of flow with planted floodplains is of great significance for determining the velocity distribution profile and supporting the fluvial processes management. However, the...
journal article 2021
van Batenburg, K. (author)
In recent years, the interest in integrating shore protection with the local ecosystems has increased. In comparison with the traditional reinforced embankments, integrated shores form a gradual transition from land to water where shore vegetation can establish itself. These nature-friendly shores have a positive impact upon the water quality,...
master thesis 2020
Tierolff, Espen (author)
Currently, 54% of the general population lives in urban areas. This number is estimated to increase to 66% by 2050. Urbanization is generally linked to several phenomena that are detrimental to the overall quality of life; the urban heat island effect, and the decrease of air quality due to pollutants. The addition of vegetation to urban areas...
master thesis 2018