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Battegazzore, Andrea (author)
Race cars use aerodynamic downforce to reduce the lap times by increasing grip. Diffusers, upswept ramps located at the rear of a vehicle, are often used to enhance downforce. This investigation proposes a novel LPT facility featuring HFSB, LED illumination, and high-speed cameras to characterize the flow inside automotive diffusers. An RC car,...
master thesis 2024
Kaiser, Philipp (author)
The increasing importance of climate change and stricter regulations for greenhouse gas emissions raise the pressure on the automotive industry to develop more efficient products. Besides a reduction of emissions by new combustion engines, electric vehicles are being introduced to lower the fleet fuel economy. Especially this new drivetrain...
master thesis 2021
Fokker, A.D. (author)
Recent trends in the automobile industry focus towards enhancing the operating efficiency of the road vehicle. One can achieve this by a combination of increasing the powertrain efficiency, reducing the weight and increasing the aerodynamic performance. The scope of this study is on the latter, i. e. enhancing the aerodynamic performance. Most...
master thesis 2015