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Calvert, S.C. (author), Mecacci, G. (author)
The introduction of automated vehicles means that some or all operational control over these vehicles is diverted away from a human driver to a technological system. The concept of Meaningful Human Control (MHC) was derived to address control issues over automated systems, allowing a system to explicitly consider human intentions and reasons....
journal article 2020
Wildvank, Roy (author)
Accurate dry mass prediction is essential in early design phases of a launch system. To predict structural mass<br/>of a launch vehicle more accurate at a conceptual design phase, a structural mass model was developed. The model<br/>predicts a launch vehicle’s structural mass, thickness, center of mass and mass moment of inertia. Load carrying...
master thesis 2018
Drop, F.M. (author)
Understanding how humans control a vehicle (cars, aircraft, bicycles, etc.) enables engineers to design faster, safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient, more versatile, and thus better vehicles. In a typical control task, the Human Controller (HC) gives control inputs to a vehicle such that it follows a particular reference path (e.g.,...
doctoral thesis 2016