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Stewart, Kayleigh (author)
Over the past decades the act of play has taken on an ever-decreasing form of<br/>importance in society. This not only leads to the absence of its accompanying<br/>architecture, but also to more boring, uniform and hollow spaces. With the ambition of designing for the homo ludens of today, research was first carried out into the characteristics...
master thesis 2022
Verdult, E. (author)
In Epe, the Veluwe Water Board is pioneering a new generation of sewage water purification. The Nereda granular sludge technology saves around a quarter of the energy, while taking up just a quarter of the space. “In ten year’s time, this will be the standard.”
journal article 2011
Stouten, P.J. (author)
Appendices bij het rapport: (1) Historie en ontwikkeling van het poldedisticts Veluwe en de Veluwse Bandijk, (2) De Gelderse IJssel.
master thesis 1981