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van den Engel, P.J.W. (author), Malin, Michael (author), Venkatesh, Nikhilesh Kodur (author), de Araujo Passos, L.A. (author)
This research evaluates the performance of a Phase Change Material (PCM) battery integrated into the climate system of a new transparent meeting center. The main research questions are: a. “Can the performance of the battery be calculated?” and b. “Can the battery reduce the heating and cooling energy demand in a significant way?” The first...
journal article 2023
Roelofsen, C.P.G. (author), Jansen, K.M.B. (author), Vink, P. (author)
For sedentary activities, the PMV equation, derived by Fanger, is mainly based on the research of Nevins et al. (720 test subjects). Nevins' experiments were later on repeated by Fanger, but with 128 college-age Danish subjects and 128 elderly Danish subjects, instead of American subjects. Rohles did the research from Nevins et al. again, but...
journal article 2021
Swaminathan, Siva (author), Wang, X. (author), Zhou, Bingyu (author), Baldi, S. (author)
Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) units in buildings form a system-of-subsystems entity that must be accurately integrated and controlled by the building automation system to ensure the occupants' comfort with reduced energy consumption. As control of HVACs involves a standardized hierarchy of high-level set-point control and...
journal article 2018