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Hollestelle, Annemijn (author)
Royal Delft Museum is the museum for Delftware in the Netherlands. It has opened its’ renovated doors in the midst of the pandemic and is mostly populair among foreign visitors. Recently, they have also expressed their wish to better cater to the interests and needs of the domestic public as well. This sparked the opportunity for this thesis...
master thesis 2023
Kress, Judith (author)
This thesis investigates triggers, introduced in Relevance by Play, as promises of relevance leading to a museum visit. It follows two major goals. Based on these, it is divided in two parts. In the fist part, the Relevance by Play (Vermeeren and Calvi, 2019) framework and the model of museum visitor roles by Falk (2009) are combined, resulting...
master thesis 2021
Li, Liangyi (author)
The project aims at designing a visitor research toolkit for Museum Catharijneconvent, a museum of religious art in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project includes exploring a new experience of attending visitor research and the supplementary toolkit for MCC staffs to conduct it. The project would also be a practice of utilising two museum...
master thesis 2020