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Singla, A. (author), Šavija, B. (author), Sluys, Lambertus J. (author), Romero Rodriguez, C. (author)
Lattice models have been used to simulate mass transport to predict durability of cementitious materials. In particular, the use of dual lattice meshes allows for the coupling of fracture and transport processes, which commonly occur at the same time in these materials. Literature has shown good agreement between simulations and experimental...
journal article 2022
Katuin, N. (author), Peeters, D.M.J. (author), Dransfeld, C.A. (author)
The outstanding properties of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer composites are affected by the development of its microstructure during processing. This work presents a novel approach to identify microstructural features both along the tape thickness and through the thickness. Voronoi tessellation-based evaluation of the fibre volume content on...
journal article 2021
Sazonov, I. (author), Hassan, O. (author), Morgan, K. (author), Weatherill, N.P. (author)
The co-volume integration method, Yee’s scheme, generalized to unstructured mesh is considered and compared with time domain finite element method (TDFE). In order to generate the meshes for which a good quality dual mesh is ensured, a new point placing method for the generation of meshes appropriate for the use of the co-volume method is...
conference paper 2006